Additional Resources

We hope you will use the best practices outlined in this toolkit, and reach out for assistance when you feel stuck. Below you will find the documents shared with you as part of ISTI's Professional Development workshop.

STEM Challenge Milestones

This guide provides the timeline and milestones for teachers leading a STEM Challenge with an industry partner.  Use these milestones to keep the project on-track and work with your industry partners to determine dates and deadlines specific to your Challenge. 

Letter to parents

Let the parents / guardians of your students know about the STEM Challenge & what they can expect.

Quick reference guide

Use this guide to determine who is best positioned to answer specific questions, review best practices and roles within your ISTI project. We encourage you to reach out to this network of support throughout the project - this STEM ecosystem is strong and seeks success!

photo release form

Please have your students and their guardian (if under 18) sign this photo release form.

mme project milestones

This guide provides a suggested timeline and milestones for teachers leading students in independent research on MME.  Keep projects on-track using these milestones and determine your own dates and deadlines specific to students' projects.

Teacher Contract

Please fill out and return this contract to confirm with ISTI how you will use our programs.