1. On-Boarding & Set up

It is never too early to get yourself and your students set up on MME.

You will receive an invitation via email to join MME.  Go to the invitations tab to invite your students.  

Set a deadline for students to set up their profiles.  

You will want to ensure their profiles are set up in order to be ready for the next step...project creation! 

2. students create projects

Students ready to work with a mentor can create a project via the red "create" button on their home screen.

As a teacher, you will be notified via email when your student creates a project - you will need to log in to approve this project.  You can reject the project if you feel students need to add more information before selecting a mentor.

The letter of introduction and description of the project is the only information the prospective mentors receive. To make this compelling, have your students share WHY they chose this topic and WHAT interests them (ie. hobbies, career aspirations, favorite things).


3. SElecting a mentor

You're in luck - your students now have access to a wealth of expertise! But how do you know who to choose?

Encourage your students to think about why this mentor is a good fit. Maybe your student feels more comfortable to talk with a graduate student closer in age, perhaps they have mutual areas of interest, or their research is a great match for the project. 

Help your students to make intentional, informed decisions.