The Mentor Matching Engine (MME) is an invitation-based web platform that connects Illinois high school students and their teachers to STEM professionals who serve as online mentors.  MME is an initiative of the Illinois Science & Technology Institute (ISTI).  

MME facilitates mentor engagement and collaboration through strategic matching, forum-style chatting, videoconferencing and document sharing. By connecting mentors and students electronically, MME is able to offer high-quality mentoring experiences and overcome geographic barriers. The platform prioritizes student safety by completing background checks for mentors and placing teachers at the center of the student-mentor relationship.

The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) is a founding partner in the development of the Mentor Matching Engine.

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About the Illinois Science & Technology Institute 

The Illinois Science & Technology Institute is a STEM-focused non-profit that provides programs and partnerships that connect companies with classrooms. ISTI created and runs the Mentor Matching Engine for schools and companies who want to impact the next generation of innovators. It is a bridge between the classroom and real world that facilitates collaboration between students and industry mentors. ISTI programs are a departure from the way students typically learn - providing authentic challenge topics and mentoring to prepare students for future STEM careers.

To learn more about joining the Mentor Matching Engine, please contact or send us a message through the Contact Us link on the MME homepage.